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Real Estate Desktop Apprasial Specialist in Las Vegas

Real Estate Appraisal Desktops are apprasials which include all of the same research, USPAP compliance, and guidelines, less the actual physical inspection and ansi measurement of the real estate.  They are recommeded for average or better condition homes without required repairs and without any unique characteristics.  They are NOT recommended for custom, unique homes or inaccurate public records data.

Why do I need a desktop appraisal?  Desktop valuations are excellent for; For Sale By Owner  **Simple Divorces, Listing Price, Cash Sales, **Estate, Collateral Review, *Equity lines of credit, Real Estate Owned Property Management, Capital Markets, Investment Credit Underwriting, *Mortgage Origination under $250,000, Portfolio Valuation, **Short Sale Negotiations, **Bankruptcy, IRS Reporting, Property Management.

*When obtaining a mortgage loan, please check with your lender. **If used for legal purposes, please consult with your attormey.

How much does a desktop appraisal cost? We have several formats available with a starting cost of $99.  Some desktop are restricted to only the client, some destops do not contain adjustments, and some are very detailed with All of the desktop valuations in Las Vegas are performed by state certified appraisers with local knowledge of Las Vegas Neighborhoods.

If you are interested in knowing “what is my house worth”, please order one of our desktop products.


# of Listings

Clark County and Las Vegas are showing strong seasonal selling while N.Las Vegas and Henderson have limited inventory for sale.

Supply of Homes

All time lows! Most areas are showing less than a 2.0 month supply with N.Las Vegas dipping below 1.6 months. A strong sellers market.

Pending Sales

Mirroring the # of listings, Clark County and Las Vegas are selling the most inventory with a recent sharp May spike upwards, while N.Las Vegas and Henderson have very little inventory to sell.


N.Las Vegas is getting almost 100% of their asking price, while the other areas are strong at 99% and some areas are 100%.  

Median Sales Price

We are seeing a 10%-12% per annum increase in median sales prices across the vallley with Henderson leading.

Median Sales Price Single Family

Single Family homes are the majority of sales in the region mirroring the prior graph.

Median Sales Price Condos

From 7-22% with Henderson leading the way as buyers are having a difficult time finding affordable homes. Sharp jump upwards.

Median Price per SqFt

The numbers show similar appreciation for all areas with Henderson leading the way.  


Selling? buying? trading? Investing? Divorce? Family Death? Short Sale? Investing? Tax Appeal. Don’t pay outrageous prices for appraisal reports. We have the solution with appraisal reports that won’t break the bank.


Underwriting an insurable asset requires knowledge of its reproduction or replacement costs. A segregated cost method approach to value is required. Property, building insurance,  ex FS718.

Broker / Realtor

You represent your client with professionalism. We take pride in building trust and providing you with quality real estate valuations.

Home Investor

Gain the competitive edge by using our services when buying and selling investment property. We have a wide selection of products made just for you.


Basel III is in play, Stress testing, liquidity, capital adequacy. 10 year arms resetting in negative equity. We can help. We offer simple AMC USPAP appraisal reports with Appraiser Independence and  IAG on most properties in Florida. 


Originators, Dodd-Frank, appraiser independence… need a POV (pre-origination value)”? Yep, we’ve got that. Don’t burn time and money by submitting a file while wondering “will it appraise” Order our desktop appraisal with build-fax and get insider knowledge.

Debt Servicers

The OCC and Dodd-Frank don’t like broker price opinions any more. They want certified appraisals in your file. We step outside the box and provide you appraiser independent professional appraisal reports 


Simple, yet concise, our appraisal reports offer the perfect solution for mediation or arbitration cases in divorce, estate, probate, bankruptcy, date of death, bail, partial interest. Need more?  We have the resources.


For Sale By Owner

If you are selling with out the help of a market expert, order an appraisal to get best price.


Gain the competitive edge by getting an unbiased appraisal to get the best asking price.


It’s difficult to go through a divorce, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get help get the most money for your home if you are selling or dividing.

Tax Challenge

You may be paying to much in taxes. Sometimes, it as easy as the measurement of the home. Let us help lower your taxes.

Death in the Family

Its hard to lose a love one. As an executor, you need a retrospective value for the estate. We can help, give us a call.

Owner Finance

As the owner, you should have an appraisal for protection on your loan.


Bankruptcy can be difficult. The may court need and independent value of your home.

PMI removal

The lender is suppose to remove the PMI automatically, but they use computer models which may not be accurate.  Give us a call.