Are you a Realtor? or Broker?  We can provide disinterested third party valuations and services to help your clients.  We can help with:

  • Pre-listing / Post Listing – We provide an unbiased value of the subject with market data support LP/SP
  • Contract Dispute – Trouble between parties could potentially ruin a real estate sales transaction. Hire us to provide an unbiased value on the home.
  • Review an appraisal – Your sale is about to fall through because of a low appraisal.  The appraiser has a tough job complying with so many regulations and maybe is not seeing the entire picture. You could order a separate appraisal with a different perspective. Or maybe, you could have the appraisal reviewed by another appraiser for accuracy.  We offer several review products depending on your due diligence requirements. Desktop review – reviewed by an appraiser for accuracy. Field Review – we run an automation rules test, review the facts, and verify in the field, the subject, comparables, and attributes.
  • Relocation – As a RELO agent, the relocation company may be asking you to find relocation appraisers.  The appraiser’s job is to determine a sales price in a predetermined amount of time or the RELO company will purchase the home.  We have qualified RELO appraisers on our panel.  Order one today.
  • Short Sales – We analyze the short sale market and compare against the arm’s length and REO sales to provide you with a realistic value on your short sale.
  • Real Estate Owned (REO) – Your asset manager has asked you to find an REO Appraiser.  We have appraisers through Florida with extensive REO Experience.
  • Will it appraise? When making an offer on a home, negotiating with your due diligence intelligence is strength.  With an appraisal, you know what the property is really worth.
  • Property Sketch – A property sketch is a great marketing tool which verifies the gross living area as per ANSI measurement guidelines.   Did you know that the incorrect size of a home is the number one reason a home is assessed higher than it should be and your client is paying to much taxes?